Istvan Szabo's Welcoming Speech

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Erasmus Program Participants!

On behalf of the teachers and the management of Kalman Kando Secondary Technical and Vocational School I would like to welcome you to Kecskemet, 80 km South-East of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

It's the second time we can host the Erasmus program delegation so we are both excited and full of expectations. However, I'm absolutely sure that

everybody will do their best to contribute to the success of the program.

Please let me tell you a few words about our school, which celebrated the 50-th year of its existence this year.

We have roughly 1,100 full-time students and 110 teachers and practical trainers. Most of our trades belong to the technology sector but we also have students from a very different field of education, such as the art and fashion industry too.

Our education has 2 levels:

- a secondary technical school with technicians who can pursue studies at colleges and universities after completing their studies at Kando

- and a 3-year long education for learners who finish their studies as skilled workers.

There is a wide range of trades here:

from technicians of mechatronics, electronics, informatics, mechanical engineering, woodwork

to electricians, joiners, welders, turners, toolmakers, mechatronic maintainers, fine mechanic and dressmakers.

The art segment is unique, with ceramists, sculptors, painters and graphic artists.

Having seen the programme I can say you're going to cover a very exciting couple of days with interesting activities focusing ON AIR

  • the topic of radio means to make your voice heard in your surrounding world and
  • build a better and happier planet with the help of understanding different ways of thinking, with tolerance and co-operation.

Throughout the project development

  • you will get an exciting experience how to make a radio receiver from a little electric panel
  • you can try some activities in our new Makerspace Laboratory in a playful way to have fun
  • we've planned a nice trip to Budapest for you which will focus on the history of the radio and television, and you can make experiments with old electrical devices there
  • on the last workday of the programme you can visit the Mercedes Benz Factory, which is a kind of symbol of cooperation between nations regarding technical education
  • and there will be an event: greetings of the Europe class in Bad Aibling- which raises our spirits by knowing that even such young people try to live their life more consciously

Besides the above mentioned, all participants will have the opportunity to take advantages of

  • being able to communicate in foreign languages,
  • getting to know other nations' everyday life
  • and for teachers, sharing experiences and good practices in school issues.

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for arranging and implementing the programme.


I wish you a very pleasant stay and fruitful cooperation during the following days with a quote

by Peter Marshall:

"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned."

Let's take strength from each other!

Thank you for your attention.